After seeing the gallery for the first time I instantly knew it was the right space to exhibit my work. I have selected two other local artists (Ann Hunt and Trudi Hayden) to take part with me, as our work is quite different. Our exhibition will start from Thursday 2nd until Wednesday 8th December 2021. I have made a conscious decision to exhibit originals only, which follows the evolved ethos of the gallery. I am very keen to get maximum footfall and consider event advertising/marketing to be a priority so, with Trudi will be doing a leaflet drop around the Town centre along with a soft copy distribution via email and social media advertising. It is interesting when I see some artists who go to all the time, effort and expense of exhibiting their work, when they fail to see the importance of comprehensive structured advertising and then don't understand why they're event is 'dead'. I need to put that effort and work in to attract as many visitors as I can.