I am a Cheltenham-born artist creating both traditional and contemporary detailed portraits of people and animals, using chalk pastel pencils as they are so adaptable for detail, colour and shading and occasionally, with the addition of graphite.

Art is one of my passions and I love the masters such as Sir Thomas Lawrence and Edgar Degas and how they could make their portraits almost come to life, giving a glimpse of the personalities they depict. Leonardo Da Vinci’s sketches are my favourite with those sublime hands and the delicate folds of the drapery.
At home, when I was young, I used to copy cartoons and fashion models in 1970's clothing catalogues! I’ve had no formal training but realised that I could draw whilst at grammar school. I had a lot of respect for my Art teacher, Miss. Johnson!

My career has been purely analytical and administrative but now I have time to concentrate on my creative side. I start to draw whilst listening to my favourite music and everything else disappears, except my art. I’m completely immersed and it’s my form of mindfulness. It’s important for me to draw regularly, to evolve and not to stay within my comfort zone. I choose subjects that challenge me, which push the boundaries of chalk to the limit with ultra-fine lines and blending/shading. I love the contrast between light and shade as it can instantly transform and dramatise. Vibrant contemporary and unexpected colour applied to detailed human faces and form is an unusual theme that I continue to create and progress. Classical sculptures are beautiful, ethereal and so life-like and are a great reference for figurative portraits. I choose to add colour to transform the cold, dull grey stone and create empowering energy and warmth. I tend to migrate towards dark backgrounds to ensure that the subject colours have the ability to ‘pop’ but are also subtle when I need them to be.

I have a selection of mounted originals and giclee prints currently available for sale within the online gallery, including backing board and cellophane wrap. If you are interested in purchasing a portrait or if you would like to discuss the prospect of a bespoke commission at very reasonable prices, please contact me via email - 'Paula@paulakearart.co.uk' or complete the contact form on this website and I will respond as soon as possible.

I also offer 1-1 art tuition for anyone who would like to improve, whatever their age. I often hear people say that 'I can't draw, I'm no good at it.' I believe that EVERYONE can draw, given a little encouragement and confidence. Whether you're an adult or have children who need a bit of extra tuition for school. I can help you create a piece of art of your choice, using standard pencils for sketching, or chalk pastels. I can also provide the necessary materials. If you'd like to discuss a lesson tailored to any ability, then please contact me.

I hope you enjoy viewing my portfolio and thank you for your interest.

Best wishes,