I don’t want to feel that I always have to ‘churn out’ pictures like a factory conveyor belt, trying to second-guess what will sell and be popular. Sometimes I draw subjects for me, because I enjoy them. It’s important that I don’t lose that pleasure and sense of personal achievement.
For me, it’s not important to keep posting to my social media every day, to keep my Instagram followers or Facebook ‘friends' ’interested. It doesn’t matter if they come and go. The important thing is that I am showcasing my portfolio and my passion. Personally I don’t think it’s interesting to show ‘work in progress’. I want to see that completed project in all it’s finished glory. So I’d rather wait for that. I know we are all different. Occasionally it’s ok to see something repeated, but it would have to be for a valid reason. I won’t give it the hard sell or boast about my work. I leave the viewer to make their own mind up. They don’t need persuading. My pictures are my main selling point and they prove what I can and cannot create. However, I do consider marketing and advertising extremely important when it’s done in the correct and appropriate way. It's important that this method suits me and reflects my work in the way I want it to, not just to conform to some sort of generic process.
If there is a story to tell about a portrait I tell it. If there isn’t, then that’s fine. Some people struggle with that, but it is important to take time over it and create interest where appropriate.