It's been a while I know since I wrote anything on here, I suppose because I suspect my website doesn't get that many visitors! Anyway, I am moving forward and 'getting out there'. Here's my calendar for this year:-

3/7/2019 - Internal exhibition with JUNCTION 12 Art Group at EDF, Barnwood.
24/8/2019 - 'The Show' at Brockhampton
25/82019 - JUNCTION 12 ART GROUP exhibition at Batsford Arboretum
31/8/2019 - Home and Garden Bazaar at Cirencester Corn Hall
19/10/2019 - Craft Market at Cirencester Corn Hall
10-12/5/2020 - JUNCTION 12 ART GROUP exhibition at Montpellier Gardens Gallery

That's it for now but there will be more bookings for 2020, when I can get booked into venues! It's not as easy as it sounds as there are so many crafters out there... but they're not the same as me!!!!!!
Come and make my day by saying 'hello'!